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Visual Indication Systems

Natural Evolution

When we introduced the Delkim Plus range of electronic bite alarms in 2003 we included the unique NiteLite output socket to power the original NiteLite illuminated hanger.  This led to the natural evolution of the NiteLite Pro, DuoCarb, the ES Indication Set and SlimLite.  The revolutionary detachable DuoCarb hanger support incorporating lightweight carbon fibre tubes enabled the NiteLite Pro hangers to be used in windy conditions with minimal weight increase which was yet another first for Delkim.

Our range of options suit all styles of Carp & Specialist Angling with each variation having it’s own unique features.  All of our Visual Bite Indicators are dedicated products designed to compliment and get the very best visual and audible indication from the Delkim Plus Range of electronic bite alarms.  From the feather light SlimLite/SlimCarb to the NiteLite Pro/DuoCarb there is a combination to suit everyone.

SlimLite Indication Set

ES Indication Set

NiteLite Pro/DuoCarb

Visual Bite Indicator System features – All models

  • The illuminating hangers connect to the NiteLite output socket of the Delkim Plus alarms
  • All the LED functions are exactly replicated, flashing, latching and nightmarking
  • No additional batteries or betalights required
  • The black Catflex cable assembly is strong plus it hangs and flexes perfectly
  • The integral line clips are magnetic and need no adjustment
  • Each option has it’s own unique detachable carbon fibre hanger support and attachment fittings
  • All of the illuminated hangers can be used free hanging if required
  • Special dedicated drag weights are also available

Product specific features


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SlimLite® Indication Set

  • Ultra slim and lightweight
  • Magnetic dual line clip – running and/or gripped and running
  • SlimLite stays attached to the line until the strike is made for maximum audible and visual bite indication
  • SlimCarb twin carbon fibre lightweight hanger support included
  • Tilt and Slide action when attached to SlimCarb giving total freedom of movement
  • ”C” drag weights included



ES Indication Set

  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic running line clip
  • ES DuoCarb twin carbon fibre hanger support included
  • ES NiteLite threaded to take D-Stak drag weights (not included)






NiteLite® Pro

  • Lightweight with longer CatFlex cable
  • Magnetic Line clip
  • Threaded to take D-Stak drag weights (not included)


  • Telescopic twin Carbon Fibre hanger support (120-200mm)
  • Available separately and only fits Original NiteLite Pro