Caring for Your Equipment During Winter

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It’s that time of year again…

The days are getting shorter, the leaves have fallen and soon we will be de-icing our cars in the darkness, joy! As with anything, the cold weather can take its toll on a piece of equipment. Though our products are of the highest quality and built to stand various weather conditions, it’s at this time, more than ever, that we need to take extra care.

After Use

After use give your products a good clean with a damp cloth to remove all of the mud. If they have been out in the rain, put them somewhere warm to dry out. Try not to put them away wet or if you have to, ensure that when you get home you take them out of their hard cases and let them dry out completely. You can use a reasonable amount of heat to help speed up this process.

Water Damage

If you drop your Delkim in the water follow these simple steps:

  • Switch it off
  • Remove the battery
  • Gently shake out the water through the holes in the bottom
  • Leave them somewhere warm to dry out naturally


If the indicator isn’t going to be used for a while (i.e. the close season), we would advise you to remove the batteries in the case of any leakage. The fewer times a battery is attached to the connector the less likely it is to give poor contact. However, if you do suspect a poor connection, squeeze the claws on the female connection using finger pressure only and this should resolve your issues.

Sensor/Line Guide

The line guide has a Lifetime Guarantee against wear and tear but the sensor itself does not. Though it is designed to withstand normal use, it is possible for an extreme shock to cause issues. As the sensor/line guide is the most important part of the Delkim, it is imperative to treat it with care. In the unfortunate event it is damaged it can only be replaced by our service department.

You can read through our complete, in depth guide from Del, our founder, on how to take total care of your Delkim devices by visiting our Delkim care page.


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