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Receiver Software Update

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Due to the continuing success of Delkim, we have sold far more Tx-i’s than we ever thought possible. As a consequence of this success we have run out of the original non-repeating Tx-i codes and we have been forced to upgrade our Receiver software to accommodate a totally new numbering system rather than repeat codes.

As from 1st July 2010 all Tx-i’s manufactured have the new, higher number, coding system but unfortunately all Rx Plus Pro receivers manufactured before October 2009 will not recognise these new codes, because of their limited capacity.

If you find that you cannot programme a receiver with a new Tx-i, the receiver may need a software upgrade. The Rx Plus / Pro Receivers with the latest software can easily be identified when first switched on by an audible “pip” with the volume turned up.

Rx Plus Pro receivers still within warranty will be immediately replaced with a new receiver absolutely free of charge either via the retailer or if sent back to the Delkim (UK only) or Delkim distributor (outside of the UK).

Receivers out of warranty will be re-programmed free of charge and returned within 10 working days from receipt by Delkim.

Go to  for details on returning a product within the UK.

If you are outside of the UK then contact your local Delkim stockist or the Delkim distributor for your area.



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