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Delkim Tx-i Plus wins Carp-Talk award for the second year.

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Statement from Founder, MD and Chairman Del Romang:

“As the founder of Delkim and the inventor of our unique Vibration Sensing System I am justifiably proud to receive yet another award for our world famous Delkim Tx-i Bite Alarm. 

I always knew that I had something special when I first started secret field testing the Delkim alarms what now seems a lifetime ago.  I recall testing the very first crude prototype at the Crewe Pioneer Dad-and-barbel-1-resizedAngling Club section of Hawkstone Park Lake in Shropshire called Monastery Bay some thirty years ago.  It was so sensitive that it picked up every single movement of the line and as I said at the time – even a carp farting 100 yards away!! My old Manchester mate Pete Barker, sadly no longer with us, and my son, Lee, both witnessed my excitement.  It took years to control and perfect but the end result made my dream come true.  Some of you may have read in the history part of our website about my dream and let me assure you that it is absolutely true.  The dream started in 1983 and it still continues.  To continue to win awards voted for by anglers is humbling after all this time for a product that started life so long ago. The basic Delkim Vibration System remains the most versatile bite indication system of all time and continues to be the fundamental basis of my genuine family business.  People have come and gone during the 35 years of Delkim but my standards and dedication to the perfection of bite indication will hopefully continue long after I have gone.  Thank you so much for your support over the years. 

P.S. Don’t worry there is still life in the old man yet and exciting new ideas are still being dreamt up.  Watch this space!!”


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