Delkim’s Appearance on The Gadget Show

By November 20, 2015 No Comments

Did you catch us on Channel Five’s The Gadget Show?

That’s right! Delkim made a brief appearance on the popular gadget show this past Monday (16th November). For any of you keen anglers out there take a look here.

As part of the usual round up of the best Gadget reviews, the episode featured a fishing challenge between the world record holder Steve Collett and presenters Ortis Deley & Jason. The challenge was based around catching the most amount of fish over a three hour period. Steve (being the pro) was only allowed to use basic-no frills-equipment and presenters Ortis and Jason were allowed to use the most advanced technology and of course our Tx-i Plus bite alarm was one of them!

Our Tx-i Plus is our flagship and biggest selling model in the Delkim Plus range of electronic bite alarms. It continues to be the first choice for many experienced anglers all over the world, where sensitivity, controllability, versatility and reliability are the main requirements.

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Screen shot image courtesy of Channel 5.


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