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What is the battery life of a Delkim? Can they last through long fishing sessions without frequent replacements?

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Delkim’s bite alarms are designed with energy efficiency in mind, resulting in an exceptionally long battery life. The bite alarms utilise ultra-low power consumption and an auto power down feature, ensuring efficient use of battery power. With these features, the standard 9V batteries used in Delkim Bite Alarms can last for up to a year under normal usage conditions.


To keep track of your battery status, you have convenient options available. You can check the battery level directly on your receiver or through the dedicated smartphone app provided by Delkim. This allows you to monitor the battery status of your bite alarms and take necessary actions such as replacing the battery when needed. The extended battery life of Delkim’s bite alarms ensures that you can rely on them for long fishing sessions without worrying about frequent battery changes, providing convenience and peace of mind during your angling adventures.