Rx-D User Guide 4.2 Single Channel Pairing

Rx-D User Guide 4.2 Single Channel Pairing

Before using the Rx-D receiver, it is essential to pair it with your Txi-D bite alarm. Follow these steps to ensure a successful pairing process:

  1. Switch off both the Rx-D receiver and the Txi-D bite alarm. Set the response and volume levels to low on both devices.
  2. Place the Rx-D receiver within one meter of the Txi-D bite alarm while it is in pairing mode.
  3. If there is no response within 45 seconds, the receiver will automatically switch off, cancelling any pairing changes. In case of any mistakes during pairing, you can restart the process by allowing the receiver to timeout and switch off or manually switch off the receiver.
  4. For single-channel pairing, turn on the Rx-D receiver, and the purple LED will flash, indicating that it is in pairing mode.
  5. To program the purple channel, turn on the corresponding Txi-D bite alarm and wait for the confirmation tone and flashing LEDs.
  6. If you want to skip over an LED channel during programming, simply press the push button.
  7. Once you have finished programming, skip any unwanted channels, and you will hear the pairing confirmation tones. Congratulations! Your alarms are now successfully programmed into the receiver.

Ensure a seamless and efficient pairing process by following these steps. Now, you can enjoy the synchronised functionality of your Rx-D receiver and Txi-D bite alarm.


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