Safe-D/D-Lok/NiteLite and DuoCarb review

Safe-D/D-Lok/NiteLite and DuoCarb review

Delkim Digital Bite Alarms have earned a well-deserved reputation for their exceptional reliability and sensitivity, making them an ideal choice for anglers of all levels. Here are some key features that set them apart:

1. Adjustable Sensitivity: The vibration pad allows anglers to fine-tune the sensitivity of the alarms, ensuring that even the slightest movements are detected. This feature is particularly valuable when fishing at night or in adverse weather conditions.

2. Long Battery Life: The cordless sander box is designed to last up to an impressive 6,000 hours, providing extended usage time without worrying about battery replacements.

3. DLok System: The D-Lok system offers effortless attachment and detachment from your bank stick, giving you the freedom to move around easily and adjust your setup quickly as needed.

4. NiteLite System: The NiteLite system enhances visibility during nighttime fishing, providing an isotope effect in the bobbin and a constant light in the alarm. This combination ensures that any takes in the dark are easily spotted.

5. Stylish Carbon Snag Bars: The alarms come with sleek and stylish carbon snag bars, adding both aesthetics and functionality to your setup.

Delkim Digital Bite Alarms deliver top-notch performance, enhancing your fishing experience and increasing your chances of successful catches. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, these bite alarms offer the reliability and sensitivity needed to elevate your fishing sessions to new heights.

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Our bite alarms are world famous and unsurpassed for controlled sensitivity, micro adjustment and, above all, reliable bite indication. With the release of the fully digital Txi-D and Rx-D we have now made the best even better

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