Txi-D User Guide 3.0 Switching ON/OFF

How to turn a Txi-D on and off

To operate your Txi-D bite alarm, simply follow these straightforward steps. Start by holding down the two push buttons located on the front of the device. As you do this, you will hear a sequence of tones. Once the tones have been completed, release the buttons to turn the alarm on and activate its functionality.

When you want to turn off the alarm, repeat the same process of holding down the two push buttons. Wait for the tones to play before releasing the buttons, which will power off the alarm and deactivate its functions.

This intuitive operation method allows for easy control of your alarm’s power state. By following these steps, you can effortlessly turn the alarm on and off whenever needed. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of managing your alarm’s operation with just a few button presses.

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