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Darrell Peck



Over the years I’ve had used all sorts of buzzers, starting with Fox mini microns before changing to Steve Neville’s, then back to other Fox models such as the ST and SX. In my early angling I was of the opinion that Delkims were overly sensitive, when compared to roller buzzers. Obviously though this wasn’t the case it was just the anglers I’d seen using them having them set in this way. In fact in the end it was the sensitivity control and receiver that led me to start using Delkim Tx-i’s around 2006. Having fished with roller type buzzers for a long time previously it became clear that when fishing locked up with a tight line and indicator at the top, indication was poor at best. Which occasionally cost me fish when they found sanctuary in snags with only a single bleep registering.  The sort of fishing I do means that every bite is hard earned and of extreme importance and I just couldn’t risk it any more. I purchased a set and haven’t looked back. photo1I can’t think of a situation where another indicator would have edge on them, the range if sensitivity is second to none. Delkims have been THE top end buzzer for as long as I can remember which is the true sign of quality. Finally one last thing I’d like to say is about the exceptional after sale service Delkim offer. Having worked in a tackle shop a couple of times down the years I was always impressed with the speed and efficiency in which returns were dealt with.

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