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General Care

Our products do not need servicing, as they have no moving parts there is nothing to wear out so if you look after them and they will look after you.

Care Guidelines

  • After use in rain clean and store upright in a warm place to dry with the hard cases removed.
  • If a product becomes immersed in water, switch OFF, remove the battery and shake out any water. Store in a warm place to totally dry out.
  • Tampering with any screws other than to remove the battery door or treating with any substance particularly WD40 will invalidate any guarantee.

Sensor/Line Guide

  • The line guide has a lifetime guarantee against wear but the sensor itself does not and, although it is designed to withstand normal use, it is possible for an extreme shock to cause a permanent loss of sensitivity.
  • As the sensor/line guide is the most important part of the Delkim, it is essential to treat it with care and in particular DO NOT test it with any hard object or subject it to any abnormal pressure. Should it become damaged it can be only be replaced by our service department.
  • It is also recommended to leave a gap between the butt ring and the front or rear of the alarm to avoid damage to the sensor or mouldings.


  • If the product is not going to be used for an extended period of time i.e. the close season, remove the battery in case of leakage.
  • Attaching or removing a battery repeatedly could result in a poor contact over time. Just squeeze the connections using finger pressure and this will restore the good contact.


All Delkim products come with a 2 year guarantee as standard (3 years with registration on Txi-D and Rx-D).

DELKIM electronic products do not require servicing and will normally give many years of faultless operation. In the unlikely event of a failure due to faulty manufacture or components within 2 years of purchase, Delkim Ltd will, at our discretion, either repair or replace with an equivalent new or service replacement unit, absolutely free of charge provided proof of purchase is retained. All other repairs will be chargeable and subject to availability of parts.

We reserve the right not to repair if the unit has not been used strictly in accordance with our recommendations, has been modified in any way, including aerials, had the barcode or seals removed, treated with any substance or for cosmetic reasons.

Please return with a full description of any fault to your Delkim stockist or alternatively direct to our Service Department. (UK ONLY)


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