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The Delkim Smart Clip is a unique multipurpose line clip for use either as a running clip or, in conjunction with the twin blades, as a fixed clip.

By using the Smart Clip, the position of the line angle can be changed which will even out the weight of the visual indicator and maximise your visual indication. Moving the Smart Clip nearer the alarm makes the visual indicator feel lighter and moving it away makes the visual indicator feel heavier. This allows you to perfectly balance your visual indicator without the need for additional weight.

The Smart Clip can be used to allow the line to run freely or be additionally clipped under the blades.

£14.99 (pack of 3)

Fits any rod – Simple ‘O’ ring attachment allows easy fitting to any rod size without damaging.

Variable Positioning – Can be placed anywhere along the rod giving maximum flexibility and performance.

Maximises Visual Indicator Movement – Allows maximum travel of any visual indicator giving maximum sensitivity.

Changes Effective Weight Of Visual Indicator – Moving the Smart Clip to different positions along the rod can change the effective weight of the bobbin. Moving closer to the alarm makes the visual indicator feel lighter and moving it away makes it feel heavier.

Stays On The Rod When Casting – Streamlined design allows the Smart Clip to stay on the rod when casting, for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

100% Universal – May be used with other manufacturers’ bite alarms and set ups, giving 100% compatibility.


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