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Txi-D - Adjusting Response & Beep Speed

Setting Response & Beep Speed correctly is fundamental in the use of the Txi-D.  When set up and adjusted correctly, the Delkim Txi-D will give the user the highest degree of response and control to line movement in any known bite alarm with minimum false indications. To ensure you get the very best out of your Txi-Ds, you must read my basic rules for Optimum Bite Indication.*  They come from years of experience and more recently, using the exciting new Beep Speed Control.

  • Always use a stable set up.
  • Always adjust Response FIRST.
  • Set your preferred Beep Speed AFTER adjusting the Response and remember faster beeps are NOT higher response.
  • Set Response as high as possible according to conditions and set up.
  • Excessive false indications mean Response is set too high.
  • Adjust Response for different types and diameters of line i.e. nylon, fluorocarbon, braid etc.
  • Adjust Response for varying line tensions from different visual indicator types and weights.
  • Adjust Response to counteract the effect of wind, undertow and current.
  • Nylon/fluorocarbon line has a memory and the kinks from being wound on the reel for a long time may take a while to straighten out particularly in cold weather. A small increase in Response may be needed after a while once the line has straightened out.
  • Rain may slightly reduce the friction between the line and the vibration sensor and a small increase in Response may be needed.
  • Cast out, set visual indicators and set Response, pulling the line beyond the Txi-D to move the indicator.
  • Remember the Beep Speed Control works totally independently from the Response Control.
  • You can now have high response with slow beeps, low response with fast beeps or anywhere in between.
  • Remember a Delkim is not a crystal ball and even when correctly set you may get unexplained beeps out of the blue that need interpretation. These generally come from line bites and sometimes can be advanced warning of a bite.  Very useful when fishing near snags.

*    These rules also apply to all previous Delkim Bite Alarms substituting Sensitivity for Response but ignoring the references to the new Beep Speed Control.

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