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How do I check the range of my receiver while I am fishing?

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To check the range of the receiver you need to put the Tx-i Plus in auto-transmit mode see below.

AUTO-TRANSMIT RANGE TEST – Allows the user to check range and reception with the Rx Plus Mini Receiver. To activate, simply press and hold down the multi function push button on the Tx-i Plus, switch the unit on with the button still depressed, wait for the three switch on bleeps/flashes, a short pause, a further single bleep/flash and then release the button. On release of the button the unit will then pulse continuously.

RUN OVERRIDE – If a bite occurs during range testing it will be picked up instantly and it will automatically cancel the auto-transmit. To cancel normally either press the button again, switch the unit off or manually activate run override. If a range test is carried out during use, any LED mode used other than the default will have to be reset. Range will always depend on bankside obstructions, atmospheric conditions, positioning of transmitters & receiver and may vary from unit to unit. The range check facility will give a rough guide to the reception range but as conditions change constantly it should not be relied upon.

Click here for a video showing the range check function.