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I get a two double low tones and all the lights flash on my receiver. What does it mean?

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The Delkim Radio System uses digitally coded radio transmission and only alerts the user when a valid code is received by the Rx Plus Mini Receiver from one of the users own transmitters. In common with all digitally coded radio systems the receiver has to respond to all transmissions received in an attempt to find a valid code. Periodically there may be signals received which are monitored but ignored. These unwanted radio signals are counted by the receiver and if they reach a level where the battery life of the receiver may be reduced, a low two tone error warning which is repeated twice will be heard from the receiver and the LEDs will all flash for about 5 seconds. The Radio Monitor Warning is advisory only but it warns that the battery life on the Receiver may be seriously reduced. If the radio monitor warning is given, it is recommended to use the LOCAL (L) setting. The user can re-check the current situation at any time by switching the receiver off and back on again.