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Any recommendations made here do not affect the consumer’s legal rights in any way.
In the unfortunate event that you have a faulty item, please return it to us and we will aim to repair it within 10 working days and keep you updated via SMS and Email.

All our products have a 2 year guarantee and we are justifiably proud of our reputation for the speed and efficiency of our After Sales Service. In the event of a fault, the purchaser has two options:

  1. For the quickest service, return any faulty article to our Customer Service Department directly. Click here to fill out the online returns form
  2. Return the faulty item to the retailer from where it was purchased. This can, however, sometimes take longer than returning items directly to us and they may charge a handling fee.

Please note

  • Under guarantee items must be accompanied by proof of purchase.
  • Any faulty articles returned to us must have a full description of the fault to assist us in diagnosing the problem and your full contact details.
  • We only can fix specific faults and do not carry out a general service, recondition or modify our products (i.e. LED changes). The alarms have no moving parts to wear out and you can never account for component failure. Therefore as long as your alarms are sensitive, loud and do not let you down in the rain, then everything should continue to be OK.
  • The average cost of a repair is between £20 and £25 (inclusive of shipping) depending on the age of the product (older items will cost more). All repairs under £30 will be carried out without prior notification unless a quote is requested. Any individual repairs over £30 the owner will be notified before the work is carried out. All repairs must be carried out in full or not at all.
  • It may also be possible that we are unable to repair our older style products if the fault requires an exchange circuit or certain components to rectify the problem. This is because we no longer have any exchange circuits for the Tx-i or Standard alarms or the Rx2000 or Rx2004 receiver and certain other components are no longer available. We will always try our best to repair our products where we can but there will be a £5 handling fee it we are unable to do so. No charge will be made if you do not require the item to be returned.
  • You can pay online, by credit card, cheque or postal order. All chargeable repairs must be paid for in advance before we can return them.
  • Any items returned to us are sent at the owner’s risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss in transit to us, we suggest sending by Royal Mail special delivery.
  • We insure your goods against loss when returning them and all repairs are guaranteed for 12 months
  • We reserve the right to refuse to repair any product that has either not been used in strict in accordance with our recommendations, been modified in any way, including aerials, had the barcode or seals removed, treated with any substance or for cosmetic reasons
  • Any returned items modified by a third party may be returned unrepaired or must be put back to the original specification at the owners cost together with the cost of the repair.

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Delkim will be closed for Christmas from 1pm Friday 20th December 2019 and back 9am Monday 6th January 2020.

Therefore please be aware if an item is returned to us after 5th or 6th December we cannot guarantee to get it back before Christmas. If you need to return an item to us after this time may we suggest waiting until the new year.

All the best and merry Christmas.